9 Restaurant

Turning up the heat in Hell's Kitchen, Ray's graffiti inspired concept for 9 Restaurant incorporates raw materials such as concrete, reclaimed wood, and exposed metal and glass

Aces New York

Bells, whistles, and all that is Bling. Celebrities, artists and athletes from around the world embraced Ray's design for Aces. Looking at the 10,000 square ft location, it’s easy to see how it earned the award for #1 Urban Club in the country

Hall Residence

Inspired by the look and feel of a British Colonial Gentlemen's flat, this NYC apartment has a cozy cabin-feel nestled in the Hustle and Bustle of the city

The Liberty Theater

Located in the heartbeat of the world, Times Square, Ray's design combines the old and the new, to bring this is 25,000 sq. landmark from 1904 back to life, with modern touches and original elements reaching back more than 100 years

System Dance Club

With award-winning sound & lighting design, this space hosted the world's top DJs in a 8,000 sq. foot dance venue in Queens NY

Veil NYC

Entertainment meets technology & sophistication in this one-of-a-kind private club designed to captivate and stimulate the imagination

La Bleu Optique

A luxurious, clean, and modern shop design supports a hospitality-meets-optical store concept

Steak 'N Lobster

Ray's Japanese inspired interior for Steak 'N Lobster incorporates a 35-ft mural wall hand painted by a friend and fellow artist

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