A Collection Rooted in NYC

Now more than ever we have realized as a society and humanity that our homes are our sanctuaries. Not just walls, floors and ceilings but our own personal space reflective of our personalities. Each of us as an individual or individuals want our space to speak to our creativity, our culture, our history, who we are and what we aspire to be. Our spaces are places that we create, where we congregate places where we think, relax, work, play, Our domain is a refuge from the World and in many cases from ourselves. I have found that in my personal lifes journey as a designer and as an individual that by changing one's environment through color, finishes , furnishings , scents and lighting allows this transformation to occur a metamorphosis if you will. It is said in design that there's a place for everything and everything has its place. I believe this holds true as I also believe that there's a setting for everything and everything sets the scene. Embarking on this personal creative journey one can transport themselves in what I call 5 alive and create the perfect balance of mood, harmony, and functionality. Through this process one can foster a positive balance of good health, improve relationships and attract prosperity both at home and in business by making changes to their surroundings through this process.

Sourcing quality has always been a personal mission of mine whether for myself or my clients it has been a way for me to seek quality and craftsmanship to find that fabric or scent that special piece of furniture or fixture or color that makes people feel complete. There is something in the way that what you wear, what you see, what you touch and what you smell has a social and economic impact on how we feel and function as individuals overall. Our personal preferences in these areas differ but ultimately are used for the same purpose to make us feel good and elevate us to a higher state of being. My goal as a designer is to provide a level of quality throughout my collection that gives my customers the sense that a level of thought, energy and dedication has been put into each piece after all each piece holds a story— that story is a designers legacy and that should last a lifetime and beyond.

Ray Trosa ⒸⒶⒹ

Creator - Artist - Designer

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