35-foot Mural for Steak 'N Lobster

land & Sea

"Collaborating with Pesu on the Steak n Lobster Mural was fun and exciting. Pesu is one of the most talented artists I have ever seen. I say he’s the Japanese “Picasso”. —Ray

PESU began his career as a graffiti writer in 1996 in his hometown of Shizuoka, near Mt. Fuji. He later relocated to Tokyo before moving to the United States in 2001, where he spent three years on the west coast, studying, painting and embracing the joys of mother of nature before finally deciding to settle in New York City. Since moving to New York he has attained much success; such as winning the Art Battle competitions four separate times, appearing on MTV, working with brands like NIKE iD, EVISU, COACH, Lacoste, Anvil, J.Crew, Monika Chiang, Morrissey and more. He is also working with various non-profit organizations, such as Earth Day NY, Lutheran Social Services of New York, Global Autism Project, Keen New York, The Cristian Rivera Foundation and The American Cancer Society, to name a few. PESU has become a notable crowd favorite and is one of the most talented artists in NYC.

"The piece is called Land & Sea. Pesu's unmatched style and creativity is on full display. We both went back and forth laying down sketch layer after layer until the piece was complete. I was flattered and honored when Pesu said this was one of the best pieces he has ever done. I was honored to collaborate on this piece and work with such a talented fellow artist and a great person, I am happy to call Pesu a friend and an epic artist."

Ray Trosa ⒸⒶⒹ

Creator - Artist - Designer